A revolutionary monitoring system for prenatal care
A revolutionary monitoring system for prenatal care
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Maternal Mortality in Sweden

Far too many children die due to causes we know how to prevent and treat. What’s worse? 30-50% of all fetal deaths remain unexplained. This is a problem. Over the past decade, clinicians, researchers, public health advocates, and parents’ groups have raised the profile of fetal mortality, also called stillbirth, as a public health problem.

Stillbirths account for more than half of all deaths occurring in the prenatal period, which begins at 22 weeks of gestation. With constant monitoring of one or more of the baby’s vital signs (Body temperature, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood Pressure) as well as the mother’s vitals, complications during childbirth can be prevented.

Child Mortality Rate in Sweden

At SenseTive, we care for your prenatal health!

Bringing prenatal monitoring at the comfort of your home

Revolutionizing a process that has had no significant change over the past 50 years

Easy to use device which displays vital information on your smartphone via an intuitive app

A Recent Brainstorming Session with Future Moms

Recently we organized a brainstorming session with a group of 22 future moms where we got a first valuable feedback on the functionality of the product (user perspective). For them an easy to use product which can be modified by all individuals is very important. 78 % of the responses were positive to use and test such a product. The rest 22 % were skeptical (usually older ages having children already) mentioning that they would go as they knew – talking directly to a doctor or getting to the hospital for testing.